Safety flooring supplies – Ergomat – industrial flooring

Our custom safety flooring supplies offer a wide range of Ergomat safety mats and products designed to improve productivity and safety levels in all environments.  All the matting can be customised to any shape and size to fit your requirements. The standard sizes are 60cm, 90cm, 120cm, 150cm and 180cm.

Other customisation includes bumper pads (with LED lights), LED mats, cable management mats, tugger and forklift mats, hazard colours, full colours, DS shape colours, 2.5cm DSV/DSX and triangles up to 34ins.  Easy to clean and maintain, most products are manufactured to withstand heavy industrial traffic and critical conditions. They all come with a warranty.

All Ergomats can be produced in custom sizes

Tailor your safety flooring supplies to your exact needs. We can customise Ergomat flooring to size and shape, tugger & forklift mats, cable management mats, LED mats, bumper pads with LED or lights, custom hazard colours, custom DS shape colours, DSV/DSX and triangles measuring up to 34 inches.  Our in-line printing and shapes are compliant to 5S principles, and our safety mats are compliant to USDA and CFIA standards.

Bumper Pads

These bumper pads are designed to provide an eye-catching warning of potential dangers or hazards in factories, warehouses and other industrial environments while also protecting personnel and equipment. Made from polyurethane, they are available in 4 different profiles to provide maximum protection, coming as Tube Pad (TP), Rounded Right Angle (RRA), Square Right Angle (SRA) and Block Pad (BP), and can be produced in ESD versions if required.

Bumper pads are available with LED lights as a highly visible warning during a power cut or at night. In this case a channel is cut in the pad to allow the LEDs to be fitted in place. An optional clear plastic cover adds extra protection to the LED.

LED Mats

Our motion-detecting, pressure-sensitive LED safety mats light up when stood upon, signalling the warning to proceed with caution. They are also the perfect solution for task lighting, in car workshops for instance where the mechanic can work under a car without having to wear a head light, by lying on the mat which provides light for the job.

Custom DS Shape Colours

Our custom DS shape colours give the option of choosing any colour for any shapes. The DS shape colours available are all standard colours and will be designed with a white border.