Directional Arrows - DuraStripe

The DuraStripe directional arrows floor signage system is straightforward, durable and simple to understand. With its peel-and-stick or magnetic backing, it is a cost-effective solution for quickly communicating directions and traffic flow in an industrial setting.

The wide range of arrow floor symbols includes 23 different fade-resistant designs, combining simple text instructions boldly printed on bright arrows. Industrial safety floor signs are essential in any busy warehouse, Lean production area, educational or clinical facility. Our directional arrows are made to last, withstanding the scuffing from heavy industrial traffic, and have the advantage that they can be lifted for reuse and reconfiguration. 

These floor marking arrows and walkway signs are an ideal visual management tool for giving safety instructions or traffic flow guidance in shipping and distribution centres, warehouses, factories and any busy working environment. Made from top quality heavy duty DuraStripe material, they resist fading and are easy to install; there is a choice of adhesive or magnetic backing. Time-saving and cost-efficient, the directional arrows reconfigure easily, leaving no sticky residue behind. They are available in 23 different designs and various colours, and come in different sizes depending on the design of the arrow.

Available in the following designs:

Right Arrows Floor Symbols:

  • ‘TRAFFIC FLOW’ blue‘
  • EXIT THIS WAY’ red
  • ‘EVACUATION’ yellow
  • ‘FIRE EXIT’ red

Product Information:
Sizes available: 30.5 x 10cm, 61 x 20cm, 86.5 x 30.5cm

Product Description All Sizes Blue Red Yellow Orange Green
Traffic Flow
Exit this way
Fire exit