DuraStripe Floor Marking Tape & Safety Floor Signs

We offer wide range of adhesive safety floor signs and aisle marking tapes, including heavy duty floor marking tapes to cope with the most awkward surfaces and heaviest industrial traffic. Quick and easy to apply, the DuraStripe visual management system features bold easily understandable colours and graphics. It is durable and can be reconfigured when required. This makes it an ideal tool for a variety of working environments including 5S / Lean production areas. These floor signs and tapes are cost-effective, too, as they save the time and bother of painting and leave no mess behind, and many can be customised to your requirements.

barcode floor signs for industries and warehouses

Barcode Floor Signs

durastripe safety floor sign, face shield required

Circular Floor Safety Signs

safety signs and tape all-purpose degreaser

Safety Sign & Floor Tape Cleaner

custom printed floor tape for lean environments

Customised Floor Marking Signs

durastripe floor marking red directional arrow, right turn

Directional Safety Signs

safety floor graphic, quarter-circle door swing hazard sign

Door Swing Floor Safety Signs

standard colours floor marking tape

Floor Aisle Striping Tape

glow in the dark visual management emergency sign

Glow In The Dark Floor Marking Tape & Signs

danger lock out floor sign

Lock Out / Tag Out Signs

durastripe rectangular floor sign printed danger flammable storage

Rectangular Floor Safety Signs

durastripe stop do not enter octagonal safety sign

Red Octagonal Floor Safety Signs

durastripe caution forklift traffic semi-circular floor sticker sign

Side Stops & Half Signs

adhesive floor signage frame for lean environments

Adhesive Frame Custom Signage System

durastripe pux round floor safety signs

Floor Signage, Shapes & Walkways

durastripe pedestrian crossing floor safety sign,  yellow triangle

Yellow Triangle Floor Safety Signs

From all-round general purpose industrial floor tape to glow in the dark signs, we have an extensive range of products suitable for a host of health and safety messages and visual management situations. Instant, durable yet reconfigurable, they are available in 5S shapes and various colours, with customisation an option.

The choice of floor striping tape depends on the surface condition and working area where it is to be laid.  DuraStripe tapes are manufactured in 5 different qualities and various standard widths to meet your needs: Mean Lean (most economical) and Lean for new or reconditioned surfaces; all-rounders Supreme V (for old, oily, dirty, epoxy, uneven, tiled or damaged floors) and Multiflex (for light to moderate forklift traffic); and the heavy duty floor marking tape XTreme (unsuitable for damaged surfaces). We also have hazard striping, walkways, in-line printing and glow striping.

Visual management floor graphics and shapes – available in all the qualities – include letters and numbers as well as directional arrows, corners, and footprints.  Safety floor signs include warning, stop, directional, lockout / tagout (LOTO), door swing, scannable barcodes and other instructions. They all withstand heavy industrial traffic.

DuraStripe products offer a reliable and flexible total floor signage system. Supplied with a choice of peel-and-stick or magnetic backings, it is easily kept in top condition with our degreasing cleaner.