Floor Graphic Door Swing Signs – DuraStripe

Our adhesive DuraStripe floor graphics for door swing signs are the effective way to mark flooring near a door which needs to be kept clear at all times. Easy to apply and reconfigure, saving time and money, they stand up to heavy wear-and-tear and are a superb alternative to painting.

These floor safety signs indicate how far the door swings open, to avoid injury, hazards or damage, and reinforce the graphic with warning text. The floor marking system is a perfect instant visual solution for communicating safety information, vital in any industrial or commercial setting. Available as semi or quarter circles, in 3 sizes.

safety floor graphic, semi-circle door swing hazard sign
safety floor graphic, quarter-circle door swing hazard sign

These bold floor graphics make it easy to warn people of swinging doors and the need to keep doorways clear. Easily understood and recognised, this simple but durable visual safety aid is essential to prevent injury or hazards around the busy door area. The safety floor decals are easily applied, available with either a magnetic backing or peel-&-stick feature which means they can be lifted and repositioned if necessary (without leaving sticky residue), ideal in a Lean working environment. They are designed in the universal hazard-warning colourway of black printing on a bright yellow background. The floor graphics are available in 2 designs, with a choice of 3 different sizes, and made of top quality DuraStripe floor marking material.

180° Door Swing Safety Floor Decals

Yellow semi-circle with 2-colour hazard border (yellow and black), printed ‘KEEP AREA CLEAR, CAUTION – DOOR SWING AREA’  

90° Door Swing Safety Floor Marking

Yellow quarter-circle with 2-colour hazard border (yellow and black), printed ‘CAUTION – DOOR SWING AREA, KEEP AREA CLEAR’  

Product Description Sizes Qty
Full door Swing - 180° 53 x 106 1
  71 x 142 1
  86.5 x 173 1
Half door swing - 90° 53 x 53 1
  71 x 71 1
  86.5 x 85.5 1