Yellow Triangle Floor Signage - DuraStripe - Peel-&-Stick

Our DuraStripe yellow triangle warning floor signage is designed with easily understood durable bold black text, icons or both.. This is the universally recognised shape of hazard warning safety signs. These easy to install floor sticker signs are available with 11 different pre-printed messages and there is the option to customise your own. Easy to reconfigure without leaving behind sticky residue, and supplied in various sizes, they offer an effective visual management solution for industrial and Lean environments. This floor signage can be applied by peel-&-stick or with a magnetic backing, providing a superior alternative to painting as it saves on time and is more flexible.

Adhesive floor signage is a versatile, affordable and highly effective way to warn of potential hazards or dangers in the workplace and on the production floor. Made of durable and fade resistant DuraStripe material, it is reliable and designed to withstand heavy industrial traffic. These floor safety signs are available in sizes 30.5cm, 40.5cm, 51cm, 61cm, 76cm and 81.0cm, with either peel-&-stick or magnetic backing. There are 11 different designs, plus you can design your own as required. They are also available in larger format.

Available designs of yellow triangle floor sign:

  • pedestrian sign with image of pedestrian walking
  • pedestrian sign  with image of pedestrian walking and message ‘PEDESTRIAN CROSSING’
  • forklift warning sign with image  
  • 2-way traffic warning sign with arrows symbol
  • high voltage sign with image and text
  • biohazard warning sign with symbol
  • radiation hazard warning sign with symbol
  • sign with warning ‘SLOW BLIND CORNER’
  • low speed warning sign with message  ‘8KM/H’
  • give way warning sign with message ‘YIELD’
  • warning sign with message ‘CAUTION HIGH TRAFFIC AREA’
  • Yellow warning sign with customised text

Product Information:
Pack Quantities: 1

DuraStripe Yellow Triangle Floor safety Sign            
Product Description 30.5cm 40.5cm 51cm 61cm 76cm 81cm
Pedestrian Crossing
Double Arrows
High Voltage
Radiation Hazard
Slow Blind Corner
8 km/h
Caution High Traffic Area