Floor signs – Durastripe – industrial barcode labels

Durastripe barcode floor signs provide a flexible 5S visual management tool in warehouse, manufacturing and other Lean environments. They are quick and easy to apply, being available in peel-and-stick or magnetic formats. Produced to withstand heavy industrial traffic, these industrial barcode labels have crisp and clear images that are easily picked up and read by scanners.

Our barcode signs offer both an adaptable and long-term solution, being durable and fade resistant. Supplied in rolls, the floor signs are supplied in 4 standard sizes, 8.8 x 14.0cm, 8.8 x 19.0cm, 8.8 x 24.0cm, 10 x 15cm, delivering floor signage for all situations.  

barcode floor signs for industries and warehouses

These industrial barcode floor signs are made of top quality hard-wearing material that will survive both forklift and pedestrian traffic. Designed to be easy to apply to commercial and industrial flooring, they have superb peel-and-stick instant adhesion; alternatively they can be supplied with a magnetic backing if required. Durastripe industrial barcode labels for floors are tough and non-fade with a clear image reproduction that’s perfect for scanners.

Product Details:
Our floor signs are offered on convenient rolls, in a choice of 4 regular sizes: 8.8 x 14.0cm, 8.8 x 19.0cm, 8.8 x 24.0cm and 10 x 15cm.

Product description 8.8 x 14cm 8.8 x 19cm 8.8 x 24cm 10 x 15cm