Glow in the Dark Tape & Visual Management Signs– DuraStripe – Peel-&-Stick

Glow in the dark tape, shapes and signs allow you to maintain workplace safety during a power outage, notably displaying exits and / or emergency evacuation routes. Our specially produced glow floor tape is ideal for this purpose, with its glowing inset on red, yellow or white striping perfect for leading personnel to safety.  As with all DuraStripe products, it is easily applied with either a peel-&-stick or magnetic backing. You can reinforce safety directions by adding various glow signs such as “EXIT” and pedestrian images – in fact all DuraStripe visual management signs can be customised in a glow in the dark version.

Made from durable, scuff- and fade-resistant material, you can rely on DuraStripe glow in the dark tape and floor marking visual management signs. Quick and easy to install and reconfigure without making a mess, they are perfect for communicating important safety directions or other instructions in the event of a workplace power cut – vital where there is machinery or traffic.

DuraStripe Glow Tape 

This glow floor tape is compliant with DIN67510 Class C, ASTM E2072-04 & ASTM E2030-07 standards, making it the ideal choice for any industrial environment. Designed to withstand heavy traffic, the floor striping is available in red, white or yellow with an inset glowing strip of 0.6cm or 2.5cm, or inset glowing 2.5cm with customised text. Supplied in rolls of 15m and standard width of 10cm.

Sizes Red Yellow White Qty
10cm with 0.6cm in line glow strip 1
10cm with 2.5cm in line glow strip 1
10cm with 2.5cm custom in line glow strip 1

DuraStripe Glow Signs and Shapes 

DuraStripe signs are available in 2-colour glow versions, including stop, warning, circular, rectangular and directional. Arrows and pedestrian footprints are available in Supreme V quality and in multiple sizes, using all standard colours with glowing insets. These luminous signs and shapes offer a valuable visual management tool to complement the glow in the dark tape.

Signs Sizes Red Yellow White Green Blue Black Qty
Octagon 30.5cm           1
  4.0.5cm           1
  51cm           1
  61cm           1
  76cm           1
  81cm           1
Triangle 3.5cm           1
  40.5cm           1
  51cm           1
  61cm           1
  76cm           1
  81cm           1
Circular 30.5cm     1
  4.0.5cm     1
  51cm     1
  61cm     1
  76cm     1
  81cm     1
Rectangle 30.5 x 23cm 1
  61 x 46cm 1
  76 x 53cm 1
  91.5 x 68.5cm 1
  127 x 84cm 1

Shapes Sizes Red Yellow White Green Blue Black Qty
Directional Arrows 30.5 x 10 cm 1
  61 x 20cm 1
  86.5 x 30.5 cm 1
Arrows 30.5 x 10c/ Stem - 5cm 13
Printed glow footprints 23 x 8 cm       20/30