Industrial Flooring – Super Safe & Anti-Slip Mats

Our Super-Safe Ergo and Smooth industrial flooring mats are designed for critical and extremely wet environments including pharmaceutical and food manufacturing areas, hospitals, restaurants and shower rooms. This reliable non slip matting gives positive grip thanks to suction cups underneath the mat to avoid hydroplaning, while bevelled edges prevent tripping hazards.

With an anti-microbial additive, the safety flooring also helps reduce bacterial contamination, making it ideal for sensitive environments. Highly resistant to pH and chemical exposure, the Ergo anti slip mats have a cone-shaped anti-fatigue profile, suitable for standing work, while the Smooth is specially designed to provide secure footing.

All Ergomats can be produced in custom sizes

Durable Super-Safe industrial flooring is the perfect solution to provide a safe and hygienic standing surface in critical and wet environments, especially where water floods or pools. Made from silicone-free and latex-free premium virgin rubber which withstands rigorous cleaning, it has grip suction underneath to provide the traction needed to prevent hydroplaning and avoid injuries from sliding. Bevelled sides further eliminate the danger of tripping or the edges curling up.

Designed with antimicrobial additives, the safety mats also help reduce bacterial contaminations such as algae, mould and fungi, making them ideal for sensitive environments such as healthcare and pharmaceutical and food and drink manufacturing companies. The mats are resistant to chemical exposure, pH and liquids (except oil), and come in 2 different designs, Ergo and Smooth, with a warranty of 3 years.

Super-Safe Ergo Safety Flooring

Super Safe Ergo fulfils the combined functions of a genuine ergonomic mat and an anti-slip mat. The ergonomically coned-profile helps increase workers’ comfort levels by reducing body aches and tiredness when they are standing for long periods. It does this by stimulating the body to increase blood circulation which helps increase alertness.  Available in blue or green, the mats are also ideal when cross-contamination colour-coding is required.

Super-Safe Smooth Non Slip Floor Mats

The Super Safe Smooth non slip matting is the ideal flooring solution to provide secure footing in critical environments such as hospitals and care homes and bath/shower rooms in schools and clubs – anywhere where water or liquid on the floor could cause injury from slipping. Ideal for areas which will be cleaned frequently, like the Ergo it is anti-microbial, easy to clean and resists chemicals and caustics. This industrial flooring is also available in blue.

Product Description Sizes Available Green Blue Warranty
Super-safe smooth 60cm x 90cm   3 years
Super-safe ergo 60cm x 90cm 3 years