Safety Flooring – Ergomat Safety Sticky Mats

Using safety flooring sticky mats is the ideal way to clean shoe soles or other items before entering controlled environments such as laboratories and food industries. These mats are a fast, reliable and convenient solution to prevent traffic-borne contamination from entering a clean and sanitary area, capturing most dust and dirt from wheels and foot traffic. Each sticky mat consists of a pad of 30 tear-off adhesive polyethylene sheets sized 46 x 114cm (18 x 45 ins). The pad can be stuck to the floor or fitted into a frame. The safety flooring is supplied in 10 pads per box and is available complete with frame or individually as pads or frame.  

All Ergomats can be produced in custom sizes

Our sticky industrial floor mats are designed for optimum hygiene with sheets that are easily torn off after use. Cost- and time-efficient, each pad has 30 adhesive polyethylene sheets which are clearly numbered in the corner to show how many are left, thus preventing multiple sheets being removed together while allowing you to keep track of the number remaining.

The pads are supplied 10 to a box, making a total of 300 sheets with the top one in each pad protected with a clear sheet until ready to use. The sticky mats can be easily adhered to the floor or can be purchased with a frame which has a doubled-faced water-based acrylic adhesive (free from benzoic acid). Designed to prevent dust or dirt from entering controlled areas on shoes or equipment wheels, Ergomat safety flooring mats are free form heavy metals and hazardous chemicals, and are RoHS-certified (Restriction of Hazardous Substances).

This safety flooring is available as:

  • Sticky mats: 10 x pads of 30 sheets sized 46 x 114cm (18 x 45 ins).  
  • Sticky mats frame: laminate, 61 x 129cm (24 x 51 ins) and available in standard colour grey
  • Sticky mats sets: Box of 10 pads of mats with frame
Product Description Size Available White Blue Grey
Sticky mats 46 x 114cm  
Sticky mats – optimal frame 61 x 129cm    
Sticky mats – set (frame + box of sticky mats)