Logo Mats – Ergomat Corporate Flooring

Our custom logo mats offer all the ergonomic benefits and comfort supplied by Ergomat industrial flooring while also providing a great way to promote your business brand. Your design graphic will stay bright and clear as the polyurethane mats are easy to clean and maintain.

Ergomat non slip mats provide a practical, functional health and safety flooring solution for most environments which will deliver for many years. They are available in bubble profile and smooth profile measuring 60 x 90cm, and in mini bubble profile sized 60 x 45cm. They are supplied with a 5 year warranty.

All Ergomats can be produced in custom sizes

Logo mats are becoming increasingly popular; just provide the image you require as an eps/pdf file or a 1200x800 pixel jpg at 300dpi, as this will ensure a high quality print of the graphic. Each mat is designed with a 3 zone layout; each zone can have either graphics or text, making it flexible for all types of branding. Silicone and latex-free, our non-slip floor mats are carefully engineered and moulded from premium virgin polyurethane foam. 

The closed-cell structure of the material makes them easy to clean and maintain in good condition, so your branding can always look fresh. Offered in a choice of 3 profiles – bubble (60x90cm), smooth (60x90cm) and mini-bubble (60x45cm) – these Ergomats have bevelled edges to help eliminate tripping hazards and are ideal for most environments. 

Logo mats provide a vivid and lasting graphic presentation, a great way to promote branding and to decorate space with a practical product that will last for many years.

Product description Sizes available
Bubble logo mat 60 x 90cm
Smooth logo mat 60 x 90cm
Mini-bubble logo mat 60 x 45 cm