Safety Flooring – Ergomat Rubber Flooring Mats

Our wide range of rubber Ergomat safety flooring is the ideal ergonomic flooring solution for harsher conditions. Produced to a high standard, the rubber safety mats are produced to withstand critical manufacturing situations and are perfect for medical and food processing settings.

Rubber is more anti-slip, more antibacterial and has greater heat resistance and anti-abrasion properties. Compliant to USDA and CFIA standard/guidelines, these are oil- and petrochemical-resistant mats, making them an excellent industrial flooring choice.  This durable rubber safety flooring is anti-fatigue and has bevelled edges to eliminate tripping hazards. It comes in 9 varieties and various colours, with a warranty of up to 5 years.

All Ergomats can be produced in custom sizes

Latex- and silicone-free, our anti-fatigue and hygienic rubber safety flooring is produced from raw virgin material. It is anti-slip and also helps increase comfort levels for workers, thus improving productivity. By stimulating the body to increase alertness and blood circulation, the ergonomic design helps reduce body aches and tiredness from standing. Bevelled edges help eliminate tripping hazards and damage from impact. Ergomat safety rubber floor matting is available in standard sizes or can be custom-sized

Nitril Industrial Rubber Flooring

This industrial flooring is designed for critical environments, and made from pure Nitrile rubber. Nitrile rubber has many qualities, and is very popular because of its physical strength, and its endurance to long-term exposure of chemicals, oils and heat. Despite chemical exposure, the state of the mats will not be affected or damaged. Available in grey and black and comes with a warranty of 3 years.

Nitril ESD Conductive Matting

Nitril ESD is very similar to our Nitril rubber safety flooring, with an additional anti-static feature. Resistant to electricity, oil, chemicals and heat, these mats are perfect for critical environments. As with all our safety mats, the durable ESD Conductive is latex- and silicone-free, with bevelled edges to reduced tripping hazards.

F & H Hygiene Anti Fatigue Mats

These Hygiene rubber mats are the safety mat solution for sensitive environments, such as food industries, laboratories and hospitals. Designed to withstand daily sanitation, they can be autoclaved for up to 5 minutes at 100°C and have great anti-bacterial properties. They are available in 4 vibrant colours for quick identification and to help control cross-contamination: green, grey, blue and red. The warranty is 3 years.

Nitril Smooth Non Slip Matting

Nitril Smooth safety matting is very similar to Nitril with all the same qualities, but in a smoother version, allowing trolleys and carts to be used freely. Available in black and comes with a 3-year warranty.

Nitril Smooth ESD Conductive matting

Nitril SmoothConductive is ideal for critical environments, and has a greater electrostatic dissipative property.  It is very similar to the ESD Conductive but is smoother to allow easy access and movement for carts and trolleys. Available in black with a warranty of 3 years.

Nitro Anti Slip Mats

Ergomat Nitro is the flooring solution for challenging slippery environments such as metal and food industries. Oil, liquid and acid resistant, this rubber safety flooring is also resistant to hot metal shavings up to 600°C. The Nitro rubber mat is specially designed with a unique profile of peaked cones, making it superbly anti-slip. Free from latex or silicone, these safety mats are durable, easy to clean and autoclavable, with bevelled edges, like all our mats – coupled with the fact they do not curl up reduces the risk of tripping. Available in black and comes with a warranty of 3 years.

Softline Industrial Rubber Flooring

Our Softline anti- slip rubber flooring is ideal for extreme environments, including wet conditions. It can be die-cut to allow for drainage when excessive volumes of fluids or oil build up. It is resistant to petrochemicals, oil and heat and can withstand welding chips and sparks up to 600°C. It remains anti-slip even when exposed to oils or fat, and is easily cleaned. Available in black, blue or grey, these rubber anti-fatigue mats are compliant to USDA/CFIA standards and can be colour-coded to prevent cross-contamination risks. They come with a 3 year warranty.

Product Description 60x90cm 50x80cm 60x88.5cm Colours Available Warranty
Nitril     black 3 yrs
Nitril     grey or green 3 yrs
Nitril with holes     black 3 yrs
Nitril conductive     black 3 yrs
Nitril F     black 3 yrs
Hygiene     grey, green, blue or red 3 yrs
Nitril smooth     black 3 yrs
Nitril smooth conductive     black 3 yrs
Nitro     black 3 yrs
Softline     Black 3 yrs
Softline     blue or grey 3 yrs
Softline with holes     black 3 yrs
Bubble-down     black 4 yrs