Rectangular Safety Signs – Durastripe - Peel-&-Stick

These rectangular safety signs are part of the DuraStripe floor signage system designed to alert people quickly and clearly to safety issues or important instructions. Ideal for Lean working environments, the floor stickers offer a durable non-fade solution that’s simple to install and saves all the fuss of painting. They can be reconfigured, too, without leaving a mess.

Our floor signs are made from robust heavy duty material, so are suitable for even floor surfaces used by heavy industrial traffic. The range of 27 different designs comes in various sizes, also available in larger font; they are fully customisable and you can have your own design.

Designed for maximum flexibility, these adhesive emergency and safety signs for floors can be made with either peel-&-stick or magnetic backing, providing easy application wherever needed and the facility to lift and replace elsewhere when required. Hard-wearing and fade-resistant, they can be customised if desired.

Our DuraStripe rectangle health and safety signs come in standard sizes of 30.5cm x 23cm, 61cm x 46cm, 76cm x 53cm, 91.5cm x 68.5cm and 127cm x 84cm. They are available with the following messages:

  • ‘EXIT’ in red with arrow on white background
  • ‘EMERGENCY EVACUATION ROUTE’ in red on white with arrow
  • ‘FIRE EXTINGUISHER’ with image, in red on white
  • ‘KEEP CLOSED, FIRE DOOR, DO NOT BLOCK’ in red and white  
  • ‘STOP’ in white on red
  • ‘TRAFFIC FLOW’ with arrow in white on red
  • ‘FULL’ in white on red 
  • ‘EMPTY’ in white on red 
  • ‘SHIPPING & RECEIVING’ with arrow image
  • ‘EMPTY DRUM STORAGE AREA’ with image
  • ‘EMERGENCY STOP’ red on white  
  • ‘CAUTION DANGER’ on yellow and black hazard sign
  • ‘THINK SAFETY FIRST’ green on white
  • ‘NOTICE, DO NOT ENTER’ blue and black on white  
  • ‘FIRE EXTINGUISHER’ with image, red and white emergency sign
  • ‘PEDESTRIAN CROSSING’ with image, hazard warning sign
  • ‘FORKLIFT TRAFFIC’ with image, hazard warning sign
  • ‘DO NOT PASS’ with image, green and white
  • ‘3MPH SPEED LIMIT’ red, white and black safety sign
  • ‘TRAFFIC FLOW’ with arrow, blue and white
  • ‘ACCESSIBLE’ with wheelchair image, blue and white  
  • ‘FORKLIFTS MUST TURN RIGHT’ with imagery red and black rectangular sign
  • ‘DANGER, RESTRICTED AREA BEYOND THIS POINT’ black, red and white  
  • Customised rectangular safety sign.

Product Details:
The complete range is available in the following sizes:
30.5cm x 23cm, 61cm x 46cm, 76cm x 53cm, 91.5cm x 68.5cm 127cm x 84cm

Pack Quantity: 1

Product Description Red Black Yellow Green Blue
Emergency evacuation route        
Fire extinguisher        
Keep closed fire door do not block        
Traffic Flow        
Emergency Stop        
Fire extinguisher        
Shipping & Receiving      
Empty drum storage area      
Danger chemical storage      
Danger flammable storage      
3mph speed limit      
Notice authorized personnel only/Solo Personal Authrizado      
Forklifts must turn right      
Pedestrians must turn left      
Danger Restricted area beyond this point      
Caution Danger      
Pedestrian crossing      
Forklift traffic      
Think Safety First        
Do not pass        
Notice Do not enter        
Traffic Flow